REMOWELL2 is designed to reduce neurological injury and inflammatory response in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, thanks to its unique and patented cardiotomy features capable to reduce lipids and leukocytes cells coming from pericardial suction blood. Literature evidenced the efficacious filtration by REMOWELL technology of LME (Lipid Micro Emboli) in the clinical setting and the subsequent attenuation of NSE release, a known marker of neurologic injury. In addition, a significantly lower concentration of cystatin C, a known biomarker of kidney function, was found in the postoperative period, suggesting a renoprotective role for LME filtration9. The Remowell filtration technology effectively contributes to reducing inflammatory response and minimizing the negative effects of cardiopulmonary bypass.

Since 1978, CardioMed Supplies Inc., has been a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical devices for open heart surgery, dialysis, critical care, oncology, and other specialized areas. CardioMed has earned a strong reputation for our innovative research and design, our use of high-quality materials, and our meticulous attention to the changing needs of today’s physicians, nurses, and patients.
In addition to our manufactured products, we also have partnered with leading American and European manufacturers to distribute a complete range of products which further complement our product lines.
CardioMed Supplies has become a leader in providing Safety Engineered Devices (SED) with our own brand of SED and distributing the most recognized SED from Retractable Technology Inc., Nipro Medical Corporation, ICU Medical Inc., and Medikit Co., Ltd.
In 2021, CardioMed Supplies Inc. was acquired by Nipro Corporation, a global leader in medical technology. Nipro Corporation is the global headquarters for Nipro group, based in Osaka, Japan with offices and manufacturing facilities located globally.
As part of Nipro Medical Corporation, Nipro Canada and CardioMed are aligned with and embody the model of one team one vision. Dedicated and with combined resources, we are invested in developing quality improvement initiatives supported with evidence-based material that contribute to value-based purchasing opportunities.
While maintaining CardioMed Supplies’ core values and mission, it is our responsibility and commitment to continue through Nipro Canada to develop new technologies and collaborate with healthcare specialists across Canada to foster growth and improvement, while adapting proactively to the changing environment.
Continued educational support and product research to ensure a complete range of product offerings are two pillars we stand behind.