A Better Way to Manage IV Connections
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Prevent IV damage with a simple twist

When IV lines are difficult to disconnect, nurses and at-home patients typically resort to any tool on-hand that can provide more grip: forceps, pliers, rubber gloves, or tourniquets. These makeshift tools are ineffective and can cause damage to the IV line and, even more concerning, catheter hubs. Now there’s a solution for this common problem: Yewtwist is specially designed to help disconnect IV lines easily and safely.

On average, gerontologists estimate grip strength decreases at 3.5 Newtons per year for men and 2.5 Newtons a year for women, with the rate of reduction accelerating over time.  The latest Work and Wellbeing Survey conducted by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), reported that over 1/3 of the nurses who provide direct patient care in Ontario are over the age of 50.  With a rapidly aging population and 80-90% of hospitalized patients receiving some form of IV therapy, we foresee a Yewtwist becoming an invaluable tool not only from an occupational health standpoint but from an infection control and patient safety standpoint as well.

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