A novel sharp cut-off dialyzer

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Elisio-HX, a Polynephron™ membrane made with polyethersulfone (PES), is beneficial for the patients and the environment.

With the combination of bigger pore size and a specific geometry, Elisio-HX is able to remove a wide range of middle molecule uremic toxins with minimal albumin loss. This provides a quality dialysis treatment for both standard and vulnerable patients.

  • Super high flux membrane
  • Sharp cut off membrane
  • Not for HDF
  • Polyethersulfone membrane POLYNEPHRON™
  • Not made with BPA nor DEHP
  • Dry, oxygen-free gamma sterilization with low radiation dose of ±15 kGy
  • Transparency of dialyzer headers allows for visual control of air bubbles
  • Available in 1,1-2,1 m² surface area

Elisio HX Brochure

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