Securement Band.
The Solution is Simple.



Primary Uses:

  • Organize and segregate tubing sets to help reduce mix-ups and line confusion
  • Eliminates the need for tape and sticky residue left behind
  • The soft, pliable design will not occlude lines
  • Secures tubing to prevent trip hazards and improve patient mobility
  • Strong and designed to be used in multiple applications to fit a variety of needs around all areas of the hospital
    • IV lines (secure MultiPort® Manifolds and ExoFlexTM Manifolds)
    • ECMO
    • CPB
    • Waterlines
    • Gas & Oxygen lines
    • Cables (power, data, etc.)


Potential Uses:

  • Secures and groups critical components of IV sets and other cords
  • Secure tubing to poles or bed frame to prevent accidental catheter pull out
  • Tie back tubing to control length of sets and secure tubing to provide added mobility for patients
  • Manage/tie back various equipment circuits, lines, cords and hoses when using, storing or moving equipment
  • Organize storage rooms/closets by keeping equipment neat and tidy

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