ParaSil Paracentesis Drainage Procedure Tray

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ParaSil® Paracentesis Drainage Tray (CM-002PCK)

Designed for patients who require ascites drainage, Nipro Canada’s ParaSil® Paracentesis Drainage Tray contains all the sterilized components necessary for safe insertion of the drainage catheter.

Benefits offered

  • The catheter’s soft and flexible silicone composition conforms to the peritoneal space and minimizes patient discomfort.
  • The catheter’s radiopaque stripe facilitates its placement using medical imaging.
  • The catheter’s multiple side holes improve drainage flow.
  • Includes needleless swabable connector to maintain a closed system. Compatible with the standard luer connector offered on Nipro Canada’s SmartTap® 2L and 4L drainage bags.

Sterilized ParaSil® Paracentesis Drainage Tray Includes:

  • Silicone Drainage Catheter – 42cm, Single Cuff
  • Barbed Female Luer Adapter
  • Needleless Swabable Connector
  • Syringe w/M.L.L
  • Needle Block
  • Introducer Needle
  • ”J” Guidewire w/Advancer
  • Peel-Away Sheath Dilator
  • Tunneler with Tapered Sleeve
  • Side Pinch Clamp


ParaSil® Paracentesis Drainage Kit (CM-002PDK) and Procedure Kit (CM-002PBK)

Designed to facilitate the drainage of continuous malignant ascites. Suitable for use in a home, hospital, hospice, or long-term care facility.

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Benefits Offered

  • Comes with sterilized fenestrated drape, pleated towel, and transparent dressing for establishing safe, clean treatment.
  • Sterilized SmartTap® Drainage Bag (CM-002PDK – Parasil® Drainage Kit only).
    • Suitable volume for treatment, 2L capacity.
    • Comes with graduation lines to visualize the amount of pathological fluid removed.
    • Tubing line comes with bed sheet clip, pinch clamp, and male luer connector.

Sterilized ParaSil® Paracentesis Drainage Kit and Procedure Kit Include:

  • Blue Underpad
  • Pleated White Towel
  • Fenestrated Drape
  • Gauze Pads
  • Syringe w/M.L.L
  • Adhesive Transparent Dressing
  • 2L SmartTap® Drainage Bag (CM-002PDK only)
  • Tube Occluding Forceps

Ordering Information

Parasil Product Prochure

Patient Home Care Instructions

ParaSil Paracentesis Catheter Patient Discharge Instructions

Chronic peritoneal indwelling catheters for the management of malignant and nonmalignant ascites

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Tenckhoff tunneled peritoneal catheter placement in the palliative treatment of malignant ascites: technical results and overall clinical outcome

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