View, assess, and cannulate vasculature together with IP-ECHO™, an innovative handheld ultrasound imaging system and winner of the 2019 Good Design Award in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly and compact design, IP-ECHO™ makes it easy to obtain vertical and horizontal “inside” views before, during, and after cannulation.

Quest Products

Quest Medical, Inc. is committed to partnering with clinicians worldwide to produce better patient outcomes. We engineer infusion therapy products for superior infection control, organization, versatility and ease of use. Our innovative and high quality IV delivery sets are used to supply vital fluids and medications to patients in every department of your hospital or clinic.


Multiport Manifold

Precision Deliver sets



Long Peripheral Vascular Access Device (LPVAD) Completes treatment with one access and reduces multiple pokes for treatment start. Please visit our Leaderflex product page for more information.



An elastomeric infusion system for chemotherapy and pain management, antibiotic therapy, and infusion-related therapies. Please visit our Surefuser+ product page for more information.


The only cyanoacrylate glue designed to secure all your venous catheters (peripheral catheters, Midline, PICC, CVC). Limits bleeding and catheter movement and forms a barrier against infection and moisture.


Reduces CLABSI, prevents catheter dislodgement for the Life of the Line. Improves efficiency with catheter care & maintenance, significantly reduces nursing time compared to adhesive securement devices. Please visit our SecurAcath product page for more information.


Helps standardize, simplify & minimize post-procedure care and catheter maintenance. Promote rapid hemostasis (including on highly anticoagulated COVID patients) and prevent unnecessary dressing change.

Cytosorb Therapy

The aim of CytoSorb therapy* is to remove cytokines thereby helping the doctor and patient to support to regain control over uncontrolled immune responses.


UltraDrape is an innovative dressing designed for use during Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (UGPIV/USGPIV) that provides dual-action barrier and securement in one.

FreeDerm® Adhesive Removal

FreeDerm adhesive remover is BioDerm’s trademark adhesive remover. Specially formulated to instantly remove hydrocolloid tapes, and bandages, FreeDerm is available in spray, ampoule, or wipe form. The FreeDerm spray bottle is ergonomically designed for customers with limited manual dexterity. FreeDerm adhesive remover is for external use only. FreeDerm can be used anywhere on the body. The formula is quick-drying and does not require washing. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain ozone-depleting chloro-fluorocarbons.


CathGrip® is the only true universal catheter securement system. The device is made from our proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and moves like a second skin with wear time of up to 7 days! Our skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation unlike other acrylic based securement devices. Other products that may claim to be hydrocolloid are actually only partially hydrocolloid while the CathGrip® is 100% hydrocolloid and therefore a much gentler application.


BioPlus+™ skin prep wipes provide a barrier lm layer directly on the skin to improve the adhesion of hydrocolloids, appliances, tapes, and bandages. The wipes protect skin from incontinence/ body fluids and adhesive stripping. They are no-sting, Isopropyl alcohol-free, and dry quickly to form a transparent coating on the skin.

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