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REMOWELL2 is designed to reduce neurological injury and inflammatory response in Patients undergoing cardiac surgery, thanks to its unique and patented cardiotomy features capable to reduce lipids and leukocytes cells coming from pericardial suction blood. Literature evidenced the efficacious filtration by REMOWELL technology of LME (Lipid Micro Emboli) in the clinical setting and the subsequent attenuation of NSE release, a known marker of neurologic injury. In addition, significantly lower concentration of cystatin C, a known biomarker of kidney function, was found in the postoperative period, suggesting a renoprotective role for LME filtration9. The Remowell filtration technology, effectively contribute to reduce inflammatory response and minimize the negative effects of cardiopulmonary bypass.

Cytosorb Therapy

The aim of CytoSorb therapy* is to remove cytokines thereby helping the doctor and patient to support to regain control over uncontrolled immune responses.


The most gentle, safe and versatile solution for ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and ECLS (Extracorporeal Life Support) enabling all healthcare professionals to easily manage any situation in different environments.

Eurosets COLIBRÌ

With a weight of less than 9 Kg and equipped with a magnetic levitation centrifugal pump, Colibrì is Eurosets brand new ECLS system designed with transport in mind. Thanks to its lightweight and minimized footprint, as well as advanced monitoring capabilities, Colibrì improves ECLS management in any clinical application. Featuring full integration with ECMOLife and a series of unique accessories that facilitate intra and extra-hospital transport, Colibrì represents the next generation in the ECLS space.

Eurosets Landing

LANDING is a monitor able to show real time 21 parameters updated every 5 seconds
with the aim to help Physicians maintaining aerobic Patient’s condition during CPB
preventing prospective organs failure as Hyperlactatemia

Eurosets TRILLY Pediatric

Pediatric oxygenator with integrated arterial filter


CardioMed’s aortic root cannulae allow for the delivery of cardioplegic solution via the aortic root with simultaneous air aspiration, thus preventing coronary artery embolization. A valid aid in open-heart surgery, aortic root cannulae are available in both adult and pediatric versions. The adult model of this device features a second, separate lumen that permits the removal of air from the aortic root after the release of the aortic cross-clamp.


Move your operating room to the best in tubing connectors. CardioMed’s exclusive line of extracorporeal connectors are ideal for the discerning perfusionist.

Heart Cooling Jacket

Excellent for use during open-heart procedures involving cold cardioplegia, CardioMed’s Heart cooling jacket offers some key advantages.

Organ Retrieval

Specimen Containers

  • Easy to grip, threaded lid
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Include container label

Organ Retrieval Bags

  • High durability, heavyweight plastic
  • Waterproof and leak free
Organ Retrieval Cannula

  • High flow design
  • Available with optional suture bump
  • Kink resistant wall design
  • Class IV medical grade DEHP-Free PVC


CathGrip® is the only true universal catheter securement system. The device is made from our proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and moves like a second skin with wear time of up to 7 days! Our skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation unlike other acrylic based securement devices. Other products that may claim to be hydrocolloid are actually only partially hydrocolloid while the CathGrip® is 100% hydrocolloid and therefore a much gentler application.

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