Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging System

With their breakthrough Vis-Rx Micro-Imaging Catheter, Gentuity delivers faster, easier, and more powerful planning insights than ever before.



World’s Smallest Imaging Catheter

for accessing and clearing the most challenging lesions

The Vis-Rx Micro-Imaging Catheter crossing profile is less than half the size of other intravascular imaging catheters and is indicated to image vessels as small as 1.3 mm and up to 6.0 mm. With such a small catheter, you’re better able to image tight lesions and get clearing without having to pre-dilate, saving you time and avoiding the risk of disrupting a lesion before you have decided how to treat it.

Fastest Pullback Speed

for One Second Imaging™

The Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging System state-of-the-art laser allows images to be captured quickly and accurately offering you insights in just one second.

Total Vessel Imaging

for imaging the entire coronary artery in a single pullback

The Vis-Rx Micro-Imaging Catheter can image up to 100mm, 33% longer than other OCT systems available. This allows you to image the whole coronary artery in one single pullback.

Gentuity® HF-OCT Imaging System Brochure

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Gain Clarity From Within - Intravascular Imaging with Nipro

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