The manifold that morphs with your clinical demands.



ExoFlexTM with Q2® Technology is a new manifold designed to span departments and accommodate the need of being rigid or flexible – in seconds.

  • Adaptable between departments and clinicians
  • Reduce risk of HA-BSI with the Q2 swabable, split septum valve1
  • Low residual volume/dead space
  • Non-hemolytic Q2 swabable valve for repeated access2
  • Integrated check valves ensure one-way infusion to the patient; preventing retrograde flow
  • High flow rates for bolus needs
  • Compatible with ISO 594 / 80369-7 disinfectant caps containing 70% IPA2
  • ExoFlex decreases line manipulation reducing associated errors and infection risks

ExoFlex. Spanning departments without breaking the line.

Exoflex Brochure

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