Cellulose triacetate, single-use, hollow-fiber, high-flux hemodialyzer



Best known for its signature line of high-performance Elisio™-H dialyzers, Nipro also offers the Cellentia™-H single-use cellulose triacetate (CTA) dialyzer for hemodialysis patients with acute or chronic renal failure when standard therapy is judged to be inadequate.

Patient safety
Nipro offers the only dialyzers in the U.S. market that are made without BPA and DEHP in any of the product components. This ensures patients receive treatment with a dialyzer that is safe and gentle while limiting the exposure to these well-known endocrine disruptors.

In addition, the Nipro Cellentia dialyzer is designed with a CTA membrane, which offers a solution for treating patients who have dif culty tolerating standard hemodialysis alters made with polysulfone, polyethersulfone, or polyarylethersulfone.

Proven performance
Dialyzer membranes are important in the success of hemodialysis therapies and adequacy. Matching dialyzer performance to the patient needs is critical in meeting the prescribed clearance goals.

As part of Nipro’s commitment to quality, all of its dialyzers are designed to meet high performance membrane (HPM) standards. The HPM classi cation system is used to identify hollow- ber dialyzers that deliver an advanced level of performance.

A cross-reference of dialyzers that contain BPA or contain no BPA

Cellentia-H Brochure

Human Excretion of Bisphenol A: Blood, Urine, and Sweat (BUS) Study

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The Choice of Hemodialysis Membrane Affects Bisphenol A Levels in Blood

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Hypersensitivity reactions to synthetic haemodialysis membranes

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Nipro CellentiaTM-H Priming Guide

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Effect of dialyzer membrane materials on survival in chronic hemodialysis patients: Results from the annual survey of the Japanese Nationwide Dialysis Registry

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