VanishPoint® Products

VanishPoint® syringes are available in a variety of sizes, needle gauges, and needle lengths. The needle is automatically retracted directly from the patient into the barrel of the syringe when the plunger handle is fully depressed. The pre-removal, automated retraction virtually eliminates exposure to the contaminated needle, effectively reducing the risk of needlestick injury.

VanishPoint® syringes are easy to use, require no additional steps, and allow for single-handed activation. After activation, they require less disposal space than most other safety needles/syringes and prevent disposal-related needlestick injuries.


20G VanishPoint I.V. Catheter  
22G VanishPoint I.V. Catheter  
24G VanishPoint I.V. Catheter  
20G x 1″ 10cc VanishPoint Syringe  
21G x 1.5″ 10cc VanishPoint Syringe  
21G x 1.5″ 3cc VanishPoint Syringe  
25G x 1″ 3cc VanishPoint Syringe  
25G x 5/8″ 1cc VanishPoint Tuberculin Syringe  
27G x 1/2″ 1cc VanishPoint Tuberculin Syringe  
29G x 1/2″ 1cc VanishPoint Insulin Syringe  
30G x 1/2″ 0.5cc VanishPoint Insulin Syringe  
30g x 5/16 1mL VanishPoint® U-100 insulin syringes  
3CC VanishPoint Patient Safe Syringe  
VanishPoint Blood Collection Tube Holder