Best known for its signature line of high-performance Elisio™-H dialyzers, Nipro also offers the Cellentia™-H single-use cellulose triacetate (CTA) dialyzer for hemodialysis patients with acute or chronic renal failure when standard therapy is judged to be inadequate.

IP Echo

View, assess, and cannulate vasculature together with IP-ECHO™, an innovative handheld ultrasound imaging system and winner of the 2019 Good Design Award in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly and compact design, IP-ECHO™ makes it easy to obtain vertical and horizontal “inside” views before, during, and after cannulation.

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When Nipro set out to reimagine the single-use, hollow-fiber dialyzer, our goal was to evolve the new ELISIO™ into a product delivering multiple, valuable advantages. Our design and engineering teams accomplished these objectives, innovating an array of powerful, practical benefits.

Safetouch Dialysis Cath Plus

Vascular Access is the gateway to quality of life for Renal Patients, Nipro is dedicated to supporting the best possible care for every vascular access. Safetouch Dialysis Cath Plus is an innovative device that supports providing optimal cannulation outcomes.


Swabcap: Needlefree IV connectors play an important role in the fight against CRBSI, but nursing guidelines still suggest that connectors be swabbed before each access. Unfortunately, swabbing technique and compliance with these policies may vary and visual confirmation of connector disinfection may be difficult.

TEGO: The Tego needlefree connector allows for significantly less catheter hub manipulation and minimizes the risk of catheter contamination and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs). Reducing CRBSIs can reduce complications for your patients and costly scheduling disruptions for your clinic.

ClearGuard™ HD

The ClearGuard HD antimicrobial barrier cap is the first and only device for sale designed to kill infection-causing bacteria inside a hemodialysis catheter hub.* ClearGuard HD features a rod that extends into the hemodialysis catheter hub. The rod and cap threads are coated with chlorhexidine, a well-known broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent.

*Designed to kill microorganisms, not intended to be used for treatment of existing infections.

HighFlow Catheters

HighFlow sets the bar for tunnelized dialysis catheters. Fabricated from a special carbothane formulation, the HighFlow offers a number of important material characteristics that allow for thin walls which maximize the inner lumen diameters, offer strength while resisting kinking, resist deterioration from alcohol and non-alcohol-based antiseptics, and result in a material that is thermosensitive and compliant enough to optimize patient comfort.

Supercath™ Pro

  • Passive safety cover with fully-encased needle protection
  • Built-in check valve that prevents the outflow of blood and
    allows the blood line connection without clamping
  • A gentle hemodialysis treatment with plastic catheter tube


To improve patient safety, Redsense Medical has developed a monitoring system that can detect the very first sign of a blood leak using patented fiber optic technology. An alarm is triggered when the sensor comes into contact with blood so one can address the issue immediately and stop the blood flow.


The innovators at Medcomp proudly introduce the Symetrex Long Term Hemodialysis Catheter engineered and designed to Preserve Access. Our novel, symmetrical tip was inspired by the desire to improve patient outcomes and rethink traditional catheter designs that may lead to premature catheter failure. Symetrex combines RF tipping technology with a unique anti-wall suction design to produce a low recirculation, high flow catheter that meets the demands of the clinician, while our “Green Means Go” hub and luer system readily identifies the device in the dialysis unit. Symetrex…Preserving Access leads to Improved Outcomes.

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A product able to cover the entire range of therapies from standard hemodialysis (HD) up to high volume HDF, reducing at the same time the needs for anticoagulants and limiting the risk of hypersensitivity reactions associated with a synthetic membrane.

This product finally exists: it’s the new SOLACEA™, brought to you by Nipro.

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