BiopSafe makes daily life easier and safer for doctors, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and nurses – both when working at the hospital, the clinic or in the field.


Safe biopsy handling
Sometimes the simple solution is the most difficult to spot. One of the most common problems in connection with biopsy handling is the risk of being exposed to formalin either through touch or inhalation. A risk that doctors, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and nurses are exposed to every day. With BiopSafe the problem is finally solved.

The secret is in the lid
With BiopSafe there are no difficult formalin bags and wall holders that often leads to formalin waste. The system consists of a small, easy to use container (vial) with formalin capsuled in the lid. When the biopsy is placed at the bottom of the container, you screw the lid on and gently apply pressure with your thumb, allowing the formalin to flow out and cover the biopsy. Everything is done inside the container and no formalin is released in either liquid or vapor form.

Ready in seconds
Besides from being safe, the method is also fast. BiopSafe- is always at hand and the process of placing the biopsy, adding the formalin and making it ready for transportation to the laboratory is done in a matter of seconds. BiopSafe saves valuable time and at the same time ensures that concentration is not broke unnecessarily during operations.

BiopSafe Safety Data Sheet

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Formaldehyde: Hazards and Precautions - Fact Sheet

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BiopSafe Brochure

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