A Message About COVID-19

Although the battle is still being waged against COVID-19, we will eventually win and overcome this pandemic, our past has proven this outcome.

A message to our highly valued frontline Healthcare providers here in Canada. I first want to extend from my team here at CardioMed Supplies Inc. our sincere heartfelt gratitude and support for your ongoing efforts and personal sacrifice in delivering optimal patient care in these unforeseen circumstances. The battle against COVID-19 will be won. In our efforts to support Healthcare workers across Canada, CardioMed Supplies Inc. has secured much needed PPE supplies arriving in the coming days and weeks. Continuous fulfillment of face masks and face shields will continuously arrive over the next couple of months. I know it seems too late for many of you working in the trenches every day, but my assurance and commitment is that the product has been made, prepaid and being loaded on cargo planes for scheduled flight departures arriving here in Toronto. The supply chain to get these much-needed PPE supplies has been collaborated with the various procurements, shared services and individual hospital purchasing departments all across Canada. This other crucial support system, behind the scenes, is the dedicated individuals working around the clock to coordinate and order PPE supplies for each hospital. Often unknown or never properly acknowledged for their involvement in sourcing and procurement of PPE products for frontline healthcare providers. Our work is not over and the heavy lifting is still before us, I just wanted to provide some transparency on what collaboration has been accomplished over the past three to four weeks to support our healthcare providers.

Wishing thanks to all the dedicated individuals on the frontline and involved in the procurement process.

Everyone stay safe and healthy. Together we will win this new war against COVID-19.

Raphael Dubé

CardioMed Supplies Inc.