Close to 40 years, experience in developing and manufacturing medical devices, collaboration with our engineer and regulatory team will assist on developing your GoToMarket (GTM) strategy.

Let our team develop a GTM plan focused around a strong business strategy with realistic goals and a straight path to achieving market success. Throughout the entire process from funding opportunities, defining target markets, technology innovation and competitor analysis our team will provide you solutions.

CardioMed Supplies Inc is a service-oriented company that has product launched over a thousand innovative new product developments here in the Canadian healthcare market, with this knowledge we have obtained an unfair advantage. Contact CardioMed Supplies Inc and learn how we can structure your GTM strategy based on a strong business plan incorporating these fundamentals: collaboration, innovation and solutions.

CardioMed Supplies facility is located in the Kawartha Lakes region of eastern Ontario, maintains ISO 13485:2016 under CMDCAS, and FDA .

CardioMed Supplies certified engineers and quality system management compliment the entire process to commercialize medical device technologies.

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