A Special Message for Frontline Healthcare Workers

CardioMed Supplies would like to acknowledge all of the frontline healthcare workers that have dedicated themselves throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to thank everyone for your dedication and resolve to get thru this extraordinary time.

We’re very proud to introduce several patient quality safety initiatives that have been proven with evidence-based articles. Please review our virtual showcase and should you have any questions engage with one of our representatives who will assist you.

Enjoy the CANN 2021 and we look forward to joining you in person soon.

Welcome to cardiomed's virtual booth

CardioMed Supplies Inc is a Canadian medical manufacturer located in Kawartha, Lakes, Ontario. Our comprehensive products for newborns is focused on blood conservation with our Medport closed blood sampling system. Our distributor partners set the standard for improving patient quality initiatives, Leaderflx www.leaderflex.com, StatSeal www.statseal.com , and SecurAcath www.securacath.com .

We strive to support our customers’ evolving needs with clinical expertise, education support, and outstanding customer service.

Evidence based strategies to optimize VAD
outcomes with COVID patients



The ParaSil Paracentesis Drainage System for Home, Hospital, Hospice, or Nursing Home management of continuous malignant ascites.
Designed for patients who require ascites drainage, CardioMed’s ParaSil™ paracentesis drainage tray contains all of the components necessary for the insertion of the drainage catheter. The catheter’s soft and flexible silicone composition conforms to the peritoneal space and minimizes patient discomfort while featuring a radiopaque stripe for visualization during placement and multiple side holes to maximize the flow rate.

IP Echo

View, assess, and cannulate vasculature together with IP-ECHO™, an innovative handheld ultrasound imaging system and winner of the 2019 Good Design Award in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly and compact design, IP-ECHO™ makes it easy to obtain vertical and horizontal “inside” views before, during, and after cannulation.


Helps standardize, simplify & minimize post-procedure care and catheter maintenance. Promote rapid hemostasis (including on highly anticoagulated COVID patients) and prevent unnecessary dressing change.


Reduces CLABSI, prevents catheter dislodgement for the Life of the Line. Improves efficiency with catheter care & maintenance, significantly reduces nursing time compared to adhesive securement devices. Please visit our SecurAcath product page for more information.

Gamefication Code: SecurAcath

Heparinized Guidewire

CardioMed’s guide wires come with a heparin coating that enhances their effectiveness by acting as an anticoagulant.

Flexible enough to be inserted in any blood vessel, CardioMed’s guide wires serve to safely direct a catheter during its insertion in a blood vessel.

MedPort 4

When blood samples are taken through an open stopcock system, patients are exposed to a serious risk of acquiring a blood stream infection via touch contamination.

With MedPort4, whether taking a blood sample from a transducer kit in an adult ICU or from an umbilical artery catheter in NICU, unique closed stopcocks provide the necessary protection and flexibility to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Clear Fenestrated Drape

Clear sterile drapes improve neonate safety, providing continuous visibility throughout the procedure.

Clear sterile drape provides a full view of your neonate preventing any delays1 in recognition of clinical deterioration.

Clear sterile drapes are more effective for time-sensitive procedures such as phototherapy, compared to towels or opaque drapes.

1. Paweletz A, Parr M, Heap P, et al. Use of clear sterile drapes for invasive procedures. Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition 2018;103:F151.

Evidence-based strategies to enhance patient
safety during the challenges of COVID care

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CardioMed Supplies Inc.

199 St. David Street
Lindsay, ON, Canada
Phone: (705) 328-2518
Fax: (705) 328-9747
Toll-Free: 1-800-387-9757
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CardioMed Supplies Inc.

199 St. David Street
Lindsay, ON, Canada

Phone: (705) 328-2518
Fax: (705) 328-9747
Toll-Free: 1-800-387-9757
Email: mail@cardiomed.com